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Pornstar Abbey Brooks

Abbey Brooks has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Abby Brooks, AbbyBrooks, Abey Brookes

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bangbros pornstar Abbey Brooks BangBros Abbey Brooks Abbey Brooks is a sweet busty blonde to die for. Having already filmed over 100 scenes, she is the queen of fun, the queen of naughty fun! Abbey Brooks is more than willing to strut her "stuff" for you all. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She just got started in the entertainment industry and so far it's been great for her! She’s admitted to saying, she loves her job more than anything in the world. In a recent interview, she said “Aside from work I am just a fun, sweet and down to earth person.”

She loves going out and getting all wild and crazy! Don't be fooled by her blonde hair and big boobs...she actually is a very intelligent young lady! Abbey loves meeting new people and loves traveling to new countries to experience other cultures. Other interests include, her family, friends, music, shopping and going to the beach. You can find a lot of her work on numerous DVD’s.
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