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Abby Rode

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bangbros pornstar Abby Rode BangBros Abby Rode
Abby Rode was born in Sandiego,California on February 21, 1979 of Caucasian descent. At 5’6 121lbs her measurements are 30D-24-36. She has 3 tattoos in her left outer thigh. Abby began in the industry in nude artistic modeling, but she always wanted to do porn, and when she finally performed she was at odds because she did not know what to do but none the less she had fun. Abby mentions, "My first scene was really fun. I didn't really know what to do, but I had fun and was hooked since then. Every scene that I do, I feel more free and confident…especially with the feedback I get from my fans.” Porn is one of Abby’s favorite things to do, and before she entered the porn industry, she watched porn regularly and she amassed a “huge porn collection” .

The sex that Abby has in her private life reflects the sex she has in her professional life, mainly because she performs whatever turns her on, so if a sexual act does not turn her on in her personal life, she wont perform it in front a camera. Anal and gangbang are excluded from Abby’s sexual repertoire, “I love sex…when I enjoy it. And if I did these things, I wouldn't enjoy it and it would show." Currently Abby is not in a relationship, but she is open to hooking up with boys and girls; red headed girls are her favorite.
As a lover of the 60’s era, Abby loves the Beatles, and she is working on a 60’s inspired series. The first film of the series is an all girl film, Abby Rode in Strawberry Field. Being new to the industry, Abby only has 7 films with 6 of the 7 in 2008. Abby has a passion for her career, “I love sex, and I love the sexual attention porn provides. Porn's the perfect venue for me."
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Abby Rode is a porn actress from San Diego, CA. She appeared in the 2008 episode of titled, "Mouth to Lip Service." Her RK member rating is better than and 8.0 out of 10, which proves she is a quality porn star. Throughout her years in porn, she has appeared as both Abby Rhode and Abby Lane. Abby Rode is a 30-year-old, luscious blonde porn star with big boobs that measure 36E, but on her tiny frame of only 5'6" in height and 121 lbs in weight, they look enormous. It was rumored that Abbey Rode is a single mother and left porn in 2009 to pursue a career in sports journalism. She started make porn when she was 28 in 2007. Her more noticeable trademarks are her stunning green eyes and tattoos on her in legs and thighs.

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