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Adriana Chechik

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This raven-haired bisexual beauty, with her sexy all-over tan and beautiful, green eyes, is Adriana Chechik, a tight and fuckable, little spinner from Pennsylvania. Her incredible body is all natural, from her perky titties down to her tight, little ass. And even though she hasn't been in the industry long, it's a testament to her beauty and talent that she exploded onto the scene, with more than 100 performances in her first year as a porn star alone. A self-proclaimed nerd, Adriana loves video games, and was studying bio-chemistry when she met a stripper one fateful day. Stripping soon led to a porn set, and from there, Adriana never looked back, working her way up to such crazy stunts as triple anal on her quest to become a porn superstar! Owing some of her natural beauty to her Russian/Serbian heritage, Adriana likes to keep it tight by hiking every chance that she gets, but for her finest work of all, make sure to check out her work right here!

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