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Adriana Deville

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bangbros pornstar Adriana Deville BangBros Adriana Deville
Adriana A.K.A Nadia is a tanned toned beauty with a slender body, that features a beautifully sculpted ass that is plentiful, and thick but definitely not flabby. She has nice firm legs, nice firm thighs, physically she is just a nice girl to look at. Nadia has a tattoo right above her ass crack, and one right above her right ankle, and a navel piercing to complete the body art. She has perky bite size tits with the cutest pointy nipples. A gorgeous pair of pussy lips is the highlight of her lower body, well perhaps not the highlight, her ass is pretty awesome. Speaking of ass, Nadia's ass looks great when she is riding cock. Incredibly photogenic, Nadia has a beautiful exotic face that houses an amazing smile.
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I am a 30 year old happily married female that has just made a debut in the adult industry in 2006... I'm fun, friendly and very open-minded.. I love what I do and hopefuly you will too. I'm adventurous, always up for anything crazy...great sense of humour, love having a laugh. I dont like fake people and people who bring drama. With me what you see is what you get. I am a real down to earth sick chick. LOL

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