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Athena Palomino

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From smalltown preacher's daughter to worldly adventure-seeker, Southern belle Athena Palomino has truly come a long way. This tall blonde bombshell had a very conservative upbringing back home in Charleston, South Carolina, but even as a sheltered teen word of her stunning face and long, lean body spread far and wide, bringing Athena the opportunity to visit the big city as a glamour and fashion model. That first taste of freedom made Athena want more, more, more! As she ventured out of her comfort zone, she found herself craving the rush of international travel, showing off her stunning natural tits and curvaceous ass, and playing with all the big dicks she wanted! These days, Athena spends most of her time seeking out experiences that make her feel free: everything from hiking in the desert outside Vegas to shaking her ass onstage as an exotic dancer, and of course, riding hard cocks on camera with joyous abandon!

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