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Barbie Sins

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Barbie Sins is a XXX British babe proud of her dirty sins and wants the whole wide world to know it! The petite blonde and blue-eyed bad girl with DD enhanced tits has a thing for all things fetish - and we at the DDF Network couldn't be more thrilled to show you just how true that is. The girl with the Barbie doll rocks a tight body like the toy doll itself: long hair to her curvy ass, small waist, tiny tasty feet - and hips that swivel just so your hard cock can hit that angle the way you like it! The delicious glam girl loves to keep her body fit with regular yoga sessions and also stays busy hosting an adult TV show we can't wait to hear more about. There isn't anything to not like about this dream doll come true, so stay tuned for more from Barbie Sins. You and your stiff rod will be glad you did!
A lot has changed since blonde bombshell Barbie Sins was a student at a posh British boarding school, winning ribbons for show jumping. These days, this Londoner spends her time jumping all the sexy men she can get her hands on as one of Europe's premiere porn starlets. But if you're lucky, you might still catch her in a schoolgirl uniform! When Barbie left boarding school, she looked at the routes her upper-class schoolmates were taking, into high-powered careers or marriages to rich future politicians, and ran the other way! She decided she wanted a lifestyle that would satisfy her passionate, bubbly nature, even if it shocked the Old Girls network. Barbie became an exotic dancer in one of London's most exclusive clubs before a friend introduced her to the adult industry, and this blonde babe knew this was it! With her big fake tits and aristocratic accent, Barbie is truly unique in the industry, and her good-girl-gone-bad style makes her the star of every guy's naughty fantasies. This beauty says she'll give everything a go: "I love trying new things and pushing boundaries!"

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