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Pornstar Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Brandi Taylor

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bangbros pornstar Brandy Talore BangBros Brandy Talore Brandy J. Talore born in Toledo, Ohio, is an American pornographic actress.

She is most famous for her sweet 'girl-next-door' looks, and large natural breasts, which have made her a favourite on websites. Her last name is pronounced "Taylor".When started working as a stripper, she used the stage name Taylor; when she started modelling, the domain name for Brandy Taylor was bought by someone else, requiring her to change her stage name to Brandy Talore And Dropped the name Jenny.

She grew up in Ohio and attended Catholic school. In high school, she played softball and was a cheerleader. She initially worked as a model for Gap, where her image was spotted by a photographer for Score magazine. Eventually she changed her mind and started modelling for various mens magazines. After two years of that she began making films. She recently created her own personal website, Club Brandy. She now almost exclusively shoots for her own website. Awards 2006 F.A.M.E. Award for Favorite Rookie Starlet of the Year
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