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Pornstar Briana Blair

Briana Blair has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Brianna Blair

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bangbros pornstar Briana Blair BangBros Briana Blair Briana Blair doesn't let the grass grow under her! Originally from Atlanta, Georgia - this souther belle has ascended in 4 years from professional NBA dancer for the Atlanta Hawks, to college grad, Hooters pageant winner and adult superstar. She's expanded from dance to choreography, acting and modeling. Her eyes are hazel, although can change from dark brown to bright green. She's 5'4" and weighs just 105lbs - a lil'girl, measuring 34-23-34 - and a June 24th baby (Cancer)! She has tattoos of stars starting down the back of her neck to the side of her boobs, as well as a tramp stamp (her first tattoo) and a heart on her shoulder (to wear her heart on her sleeve).
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