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Cali Carter

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Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and stunningly curvy, Cali Carter is the quintessential good girl gone bad. Cali confesses that she was the last person her friends would have expected to end up doing porn. A straight-A student who got her degree in science, the thought of starring in adult films had never even crossed Cali's mind until she needed money for nursing school and couldn't get a loan. But Cali's then-boyfriend knew the truth: this studious stunner was a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets with an insatiable libido and total lack of a gag reflex! He suggested she give porn a try, and the rest is history! Cali is probably best known for how much she loves to get face-fucked, the deeper, the better! "The farther down it goes, the better it feels!" Cali laughs. This beauty is enjoying every minute that she gets to let her newfound inner pornstar roam free. "For as long as I could remember I always wanted to do things the right way, go to school, do what I’m supposed to do. Following all those rules didn’t work out. I love the business. I love the people in it. It’s a new side of me."

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