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Callie Calypso

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The name Callie Calypso was inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey. “Calypso imprisoned Odysseus as a lover and sex slave for SEVEN YEARS on her island of Ogygia. I just thought… damn, I like her style!” Clearly educated, as well as merciless, Callie’s big brain is only outmatched by her hungry pussy. The intelligent yet sadistic 5’4” brunette tramp practiced “theatre, film acting, singing, music, dancing, and fine art [her] whole life” and can “sing opera while playing the piano,” but all she really wants to do is moan: “with every year in school that I continued to go unlaid, I couldn’t deny that what I wanted more than anything was an endless stream of big dick in my life.” The Florida State Film major naturally found a way to match her dreams of being an actor with her desire to be a dirty slut, and it turns out she’s great at both. Despite her dirty mouth and bumpin’ ass, Calypso doesn’t look like the kind of girl you might find tied-up, swapping cum in a dirty sex dungeon, and it makes watching her do just that all the better. Callie is full of fantasy, calling herself a real-life mermaid, and she gets wet enough to prove it. The former belly dancer moves her magnificent hips and rump with ball-grinding perfection. She can deepthroat but struggles to take big porn schlongs all the way down, and we honestly like that. Her back curls as she gags but she doesn’t give up till she gets to the bottom, and they do say that hard work beats talent. A hardworking, horny babe who thinks she’s a mythical siren? Callie, we love your style!

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