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Cameron Leigh

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Cameron Leigh is an African American adult actress who currently resides in Fort Lauderdale,Fl. She has appeared in numerous ebony erotica films.Leigh Describes herself as a dichotomy of elegance and passion,intellectuality and spontaneity,and as determined and laid back.Watching classic movies such as "Gone With the Wind" is one her favorite past times. Hanging out with friends and traveling to Vegas is how she lets loose.

A good companion,according to Cameron,is a man who will take time from his schedule to meet up with her,and she wants to make her men feel special,and not just another "number". Leigh does not favor the "wham,bam thank you mam" approach to hooking up.Often it's rather difficult for Cameron to understand what men want in relationships,because one of her friends had a bad experience,and that left Cameron questioning men's motives.When she is not pondering about men's motives,she is enjoying poetry,fine red wines,intelligent conversation,and being held all night long.Her other movie favorites are The Godfather,Casablanca,Cat on A Hot Tin Roof,and Butterfield 8. Blues,Classic R&B,Jazz,and Contemporary Country are the types of music Cameron listens to.
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