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Candace Von

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bangbros pornstar Candace Von BangBros Candace Von
Candace, also known as Candace Von, was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Candace is part African-American and part Dominican. She was born on September 19th, 1984. She is currently living in Hollywood, CA.
Candace got started in the adult industry, in 2005 at the age of 21, while also attending college part time. When growing up Candace did mainstream modeling, fashion shows, and plays. She was turned away from a lot of agencies because her boobs were too big for the mainstream fashion world. In 2004, Candace was contacted by an agent in Miami and was asked if she was interested in nude modeling. At first, she wasnít too sure. However, after taking some time to re-think things, she felt this could be her ticket. Candace was fully aware that the adult world would embrace her natural attribute. In less than a month, she decided to try it and her first shoot went great. We asked her if she likes it, and she answered ďI love it! Iím considered a star in this industry and thatís what I wanted, to be recognized.Ē
In her spare time, Ms.Von enjoys cooking. She loves trying out new recipes. Her favorite sexual position is doggy. Her movies range from dominatrix to anal cream pie. Candaceís plans for the future is to build her empire, she wants Candace Von to be a household name. She has starred in over 75 movies, after only a few years in the business she has acquired a reputation as a steady performer with great work ethic.
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Candace Von is a hot ebony porn star that started filming in Reality Kings on June 27, 2006. Over the years, Von has made appearances on several RK network sites, such as:, and Candace's average rating by RK users is better than a 9.0 out of a perfect 10, and that's compiled from 1000's of RK voters. In fact, she has so many great RK episodes, it would be hard for any porn lover to choose the best one. Candace Von is a super sexy Dominican-American porn star. She is 25-years-old and originally from New York (Bronx) but now resides in Hollywood CA where she pursues a lucrative career in porn. She is 5'9," weighs 134 lbs, and has mind blowing measurements of 36DD-28-38. Of course, her huge boobs are all natural. She started porn at 21-years-old (2005). She can also be recognized by her clit hood piercing.

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