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Dakota Skye

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bangbros pornstar Dakota Skye BangBros Dakota Skye
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Some porn starlets need a lot of time and training to overcome their nervousness and become talented performers, but Dakota Skye was not one of them. This exotic cutie with the innocent looks and the devilish smile was a total natural from her first day on set. Dakota already had lots of experience being naked on camera--she began webcamming as soon as she turned 18--so showing her mouthwatering small boobs and fat pussy in front of an audience didn't faze her. In fact, this blonde spinner's inner pornstar was panting at the chance to come out! "I kinda go in a trance as soon as I hear the words action and something comes over me," Dakota explains when you ask her about how she delivers her trademark passionate and wild performances. Although appearing in adult films came easily to her, her rapid rise to porn stardom took a bit more adjusting! Dakota went from an unknown to having thousands of devoted fans nearly overnight. Even now, she's still often surprised when she gets recognized on the street, but her fans agree, after one look at Dakota, you'll never forget her.

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