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Ella Woods

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Just when you think you've figured out cute strawberry-blonde teen Ella Woods, she'll show you another side of herself that will throw you for a loop! This blue-eyed babe with the adorable freckles seems like a sweet country girl until you find out just how naughty she can be as she shows off her long legs and tight body in front of the cameras! A free-spirited beauty who laughs that she just wants to travel and fuck, Ella will make you want to follow her all over the world. But this sweetie will also surprise you with her love of staying home with a good book and cooking up a hearty meal. And that's not all that Ella is cooking up! This small-town babe has always dreamed of seeing her name in lights, and her dream of acting combined with her talent for breaking hearts led Ella to the big city for a starring role in porn scenes with some of the industry's biggest names. Ella loves keeping her fans on their toes by playing with new sides of her personality as she takes on different characters. Why not see who Ella's playing today?

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