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Ellen Betsy

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DDF Ellen Betsy as seen on Ellen Betsy
allinternal Ellen Betsy - Shy hottie all the way from Russia got drilled in the ass until that messy creampie arrived from our guy.... read more... Ellen Betsy & Julia Red
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Some people like to stay home and learn about the world from books, movies, and TV, but enchanting Russian babe Ellen Betsy prefers to go out and experience it for herself! When Ellen found herself interested in music, she learned to play the piano, violin, and guitar so she could truly immerse herself in all her favorite songs. When this babe was curious about the world outside her small Russian city, she moved to St. Petersburg and got a job tending bar where she could meet lots of interesting people. And when Ellen began thinking about porn, she booked a ticket on the next flight to Budapest to try it for herself! Ellen's hands-on approach to life is definitely paying off in the adult film biz, where she's impressed her directors and fans alike with her desire to learn everything she can about being the best possible sexy starlet. Is she aiming for fame and fortune? Although she agrees that would be nice, mostly she just plans to keep doing what she does best: Enjoying life!

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