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Fallon West

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If you're a porn devotee who's always dreamed about becoming a performer, Fallon West is your new role model! This petite brunette is a true-blue fan of the adult industry who went from drooling over her favorite pornstars on screen to literally getting to lick them on set! Born in Ukraine but raised in California, Fallon has always been a free spirit who blazes her own path, no matter what anyone else might say. Although this bootylicious beauty might spend most of her free time devoted to her creative pursuits of poetry and music or venturing into the great outdoors for some hiking, swimming, and skating to recharge her batteries in nature, she still made time to cuddle up in front of the computer with her sex toys and indulge her porn habit... until the day Fallon decided she wanted to be the watchee instead of the watcher! Fallon says her new career fits perfectly with her passion for creativity. "I love that I get to express my sexuality and entertain with creativity and passion. I love performing and exploring my sexual fantasies on camera!"

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