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Freya Von Doom

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Freya Von Doom is a supervillain disguised as an all-American girl-next-door. This ultra petite spinner might look sweet and innocent as she gazes up at you through her eyelashes, but Freya is always plotting what extremely naughty mischief she'll get up to next! This bisexual babe confesses to having an ever-growing collection of panties she's nicked from the hot women she fucks, and considering how easy it is for Freya to talk sexy ladies into her bed, she'll soon need a whole room just to house her trophies! Freya is the kind of femme fatale who's always one step ahead, whether it's in her wicked schemes or on the trail--a marathon runner, this hardbodied beauty is extremely speedy! It's impossible to predict what Freya will do next, but you can follow all her adventures in her mischievous scenes below.

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