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Gabriella Lati

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Latvian porn star Gabriella Lati is a slut like no other - just the way we like it! The sexy and petite brown-haired babe is a self-proclaimed lover of double anal penetration on her Twitter page and is listed on the Internet Movie Database's (IMDB) website as a porn star who has also performed triple penetration (when 3 guys penetrate a girl simultaneously in her pussy and ass with 2 in one hole and 1 in the other hole, or all 3 in the same hole). Yes, that's right - Gabriella is so fuckable it's hard to believe we barely know her! In any case, sex is her passion and her pink holes just love getting fucked - just check out her hardcore ass banging debut! Or become one of the thousands who follow her on Twitter and watch clips or view photos of just how wonderfully open this sweet babe truly is!

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