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Georgie Lyall

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Georgie Lyall has porn videos on: Georgie Lyall
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Busty Scottish blonde Georgie Lyall is a true thrill-seeker. Georgie is always chasing her next adrenaline rush, and she lists her favorite pastimes as soaring through the air on a paraglider, as well as strapping on a parachute and leaping out of an airplane. Georgie is also a big fan of the naughtier types of thrills, and she confesses that one of the wildest things she's ever done is seducing her boyfriend's dad behind his back! That's why Georgie loves keeping her heart pounding with a fast-paced lifestyle of erotic adventures, whether she's jetting around Europe to film new scenes, giving lap dances as an exotic dancer, whipping guys into shape as a dominatrix, or just getting dirty on webcam. Whatever she's up to, Georgie will always be having an exciting time, adding, "every day is pretty damn filthy!"

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