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Gianna Lynn

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bangbros pornstar Gianna Lynn BangBros Gianna Lynn
Gianna Lynn or Jolynn,Asian/Hispanic,was born in the Philippines on December 3,1984. At 5'4,her measurement is 34D,and she used to be a blond but now she's a brunette.Tattoos of dragons adorn the right and left side of her abdomen.Her wrist,and the back of her neck are also adorned with tattoos.Piercings on her nipples,and clit,finalize the body art.
Gianna Lynn's first scene was in April,2005. She gets turned on by people watching her have sex. Working in the industry is fun,but she tends to be critical of her work.Growing up, Lynn wanted to be a dentist,an archeologist,and an architect,but her sex drive led her to porn.Admittedly,she has a fascination for Disney movies.She had a reputation of being a prude in her very religious high school. Not as conservative as she use to be,Lynn is a bisexual who enjoys men more than women sometimes,and women more than men sometimes.
Although a porn star she has kept her religious beliefs,arguing,porn stars are good people too.Lynn does not like it when people stereotype porn stars as being drug addicts,and as being people who were abused as children.
On her spare time she paints and studies,as she is currently back in school.Her best friends would describe her as a "dork." Gianna's favorites include, but are not limited to: South Park,The Simpsons,The Lord of the Ring's trilogy,Will Ferrel,Quentin Tarantino,and Tim Burton. Her heroes are her parents,firefighters,and the men in uniform fighting in the middle east.Professionalism and work ethic are what drives Lynn's career.Just 3 years in the biz, she already has over 115 film credits to her name.
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gianna is a hot new up and cumming porn star, who has the hot exotic asian look. she loves to eat pussy and get eatin too, also likes to take nice hot cum shots in her mouth.

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