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Hadley Viscara

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All-American blonde bombshell Hadley Viscara is a very good girl. This sweet and kind cornfed beauty from the Midwest says she was always pretty obedient growing up in her strict family, although Hadley did have a deep-down rebellious streak that led her to occasionally question the rules. Once Hadley gained the freedom to explore her sexuality, she realized that she loved playing a submissive role, being tied up, and especially, being told what a good girl she is. In fact, Hadley confesses that nothing gets her wetter than when you whisper those two little words in her ear! This former webcam model is bisexual, saying that she falls for people's souls rather than what's on the outside, so Hadley is just as likely to be playing with a hot domme as with a big strong man, and either way, you'll love to watch Hadley do everything to please her partner! Tell Hadley what a good girl she is now.

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