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Hailey James

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bangbros pornstar Haileey James BangBros Haileey James
Haileey James, whom is also known as ‘Jersey’, is an Ohio born girl that has been in the industry since 2007.
Haileey is a hot brunette with a mid-western drawl and a small breasted figure that is pure sweet of the eye. You may have seen her on DVDs and other websites doing what she does best. Her career in adult entertainment began at the age of 19, when she took a job as a house dancer at a club in her town back on Ohio, which often played host to “feature” erotic entertainers. As she likes to put it, “I always watched them and thought, “I could do that easily!” A call to an agency that booked features soon led to a meeting with fellow Ohioans involved in the adult film industry. For the next week they spoke at length about the erotic video medium, and shortly thereafter Haileey shot her first movie. The rest, as they say, is XXX history!
When Haileey is not on set, she loves working on her website, and playing with her dog on the beach. Haileey is into guys that are considerate to other people, have big hands, warm smiles and big dicks.
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