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Harley Jade

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bangbros pornstar Harley Jade BangBros Harley Jade
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All-American stunner Harley Jade has an ass that will keep you up at night. This petite blonde from Idaho may be a city girl who never set foot on a farm, but she certainly grew a prize-winning booty! Harley's thousands of fans love following her on social media, where this babe shares snaps of her glorious tush every evening to wish them good night, but after seeing Harley's massive butt, a snooze will be the last thing on your mind! Harley's badonkadonk is no doubt part of the reason she was contacted by multiple porn recruiters. Harley was courted simultaneously by three different agencies, who all spotted her on social media and begged her to consider bringing her amazing assets out to Los Angeles and joining the adult film industry. This beauty had to think about it for a few months, but once she went for it, Harley was hooked on every aspect of her new job. "I love all of it. All of it gets me wet." Check out Harley getting wet in the videos below, but be sure you're well rested, because this babe will definitely keep you wide awake.

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