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Harmony Bliss

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Harmony Bliss is a 33 year old MILF,born on January 22,1974 in Brooklyn New York.She is 5'4,120lbs, with blond hair,blue-green eyes,and her measurements are 44-26-36.As an active model and adult actress,Harmony is constantly on the go, traveling to the AVN awards, posing for Hustler, Gents,Busty Beauties and filming.She has also made the front cover of Score magazine.
She has appeared in over 25 films and magazines combined, with a recent release in 2008. Some of the titles that she has won include the "Boobalicious Babe" of 2002, the "Ballbuster Babe" of 2002, and " Rockin Your World" Miss October. Her music interests are the Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, The Gathering, and Lullacry. Pan's Labyrinth, Finding Nemo, Spirited Away, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Seven Year Itch, top the list of her favorite movies.Harmonie's favorite television programs are Lost and Desperate House Wives.She likes, cats, wind chimes, scented candles,pink rose buds and the ocean.
Her dislikes are war,prejudice,and cigarette smoking.Harmonies favorite colors are pink, turquoise,and her favorite scents are vanilla and pine.Harmony loves the sound of crickets and the ocean.Sheloves eating pizza,cock,calzones,and perppermint patties.She loves to get tipsy off strawberry margaritas,and red wine,while staying sober with ice tea.
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