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Irina Vega

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Sultry Spanish beauty Irina Vega doesn't just star in porn, she also creates it. Since 2006, this alt chick has been working as a model, performer, and producer throughout Europe and even as far away as Peru, lending her fiery redhead looks and stunning talent to both independent and mainstream productions, as well as filming, starring in, and editing award-winning alt porn that's designed to do one simple thing: get Irina off. This European babe says her inspiration for getting behind the camera was the simple question, “Why not make the porn I’d like to see?” And adult film lovers worldwide are enjoying her vision just as much as Irina does! This beauty has established a reputation as a director and producer in the alt porn world, but now Irina is turning her sights on the mainstream porn industry, bringing her signature badass style to some of the biggest porn studios in the biz and giving fans a glimpse of why it can be so very good to try something different!

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