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Jada Love

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bangbros pornstar Jada Love BangBros Jada Love
Although born in Louisiana on February 9th, Jada Love has lived in California for most of her life. She started working at a strip club as a bartender, later became a dancer, to put herself through school and also worked as a dental assistant in a couple of different dental offices in San Diego, CA.
She was soon approached by a photographer who introduced her to the world of nude photography. She entered photo contests and participated in multi-girl shoots at different photo clubs between the ages of 19-23. By then she graduated from college with an associate degree in dental assisting, and soon after took her state board test at UCLA to become a registered dental assistant.
By this time, she was having so much fun doing scenes and getting little parts in features, that she quit her job and finished school to put all her time and effort into making adult movies. Since then, Jada has worked in several companies in the adult and mainstream industry and has been featured in more than 75 movies too.
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