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Pornstar Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens has porn videos on:

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bangbros pornstar Jada Stevens BangBros Jada Stevens Jada Stevens was born in Atlanta, Georgia. It is there where she currently resides and also works at a local nightclub as a dancer. She started dancing at the age of 19. A couple of years later flew out to LA, where she met up with a good friend, who was already working in the porn industry, and that is how she got started. Jada says, she enjoys both jobs equally.
Jada's favorite place to visit is Hawaii. Her favorite food is hot wings and ice cream. She loves to listen to R&B and hip hop; she says she is crazy for music! Jada spends her "off time" going out to the clubs and dancing with her friends. She also, loves to get manicures and pedicures, shopping, action movies, and is crazy about make-up.
Her turn ons on a man are his muscular tones. Her favorite position is doggy and has admitted to saying, her sexual fantasy is doing it everyway possible way in a tub of blue Jell-O. Jada plans on pursuing her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. In a recent interview she was quoted saying, ďI am who I am, I donít like the drama scene, it is too much time, that I donít have, and a lot of stress which nobody wants. I live life in the fast lane and it gets old but the spot lights GREAT.Ē
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