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Jaime Fetti

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Ebony beauty Jaime Fetti isn't just aiming for porn stardom; she plans to be your new religion. This multitalented babe is gifted when it comes to her stunning big boobs and thick juicy booty, but she's way more than just a pretty face and a mind-blowing body. A born entertainer, Jaime hosts a talk radio and TV show giving up-and-coming hip-hop artists exposure in Africa, the UK, Jamaica, and all throughout America. An artist in her own right, Jaime also writes and spits her own lyrics and mixes smoking-hot tracks that she wants you to fuck to. Anytime you think rap, porn, or big booties, Jaime wants you to see her face! This babe is a legend in the making, and although Jaime is always busy filming some of the hottest hardcore, lesbian, and anal scenes you've ever seen, not to mention spending her nights wilding at the hottest parties, and making her music whenever she can, this stunner still finds the time to stop and smell the flowers. Or in her case, sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool breeze as she plays with her super tight pussy. Jaime says simply, "That's how I live my life. Try it, it's beautiful."

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