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Jessica Jaymes

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Born in Anchorage, Alaska to a Czechoslovakian and French mother and a Seminole father-who at an early age of ten relocated to Arizona. Father was an under cover DEA agent and patrolmen . In her early years mastering honors art, classical piano and impeccable writing skills, she developed a strong desire to become a school teacher. She graduated college and began teaching. Even though Jessica genuinely enjoyed teaching, she was at heart , an exhibitionist. In April of 2001 she decided to pursue a career in movies, modeling and entertainment. She immediately landed the lead roll in Playboy TV’s “ Totally Busted”, catapulting her to instant stardom. Well, as it turned out, Playboy wasn’t the only one with their eyes on Jessica. In 2004 she participated in a PPV television show entitled “Can You Be A Porn Star?” , and won….taking home not only the title but the grand prize of $100,000. After gaining much recognition, she was approached by Mr. Larry Flynt to represent Hustler by becoming Hustler’s very first contract star. She was selected amongst thousands of beautiful and ambitious young ladies. Jessica willing signed and proudly held the title. In 2005 she found herself at the epicenter of tabloid scandal with a well accounted story that split up one of Hollywood’s most admired couples and soon becoming one of-the king of all media-Howard Stern’s frequent guests. Jessica has never found herself timid or shy when being in the public eye. You can also catch her on the big screen in “How To Make Love To A Woman” and a couple episodes of “Weeds” as she performs her cameos. Videos with Jessica Jaymes

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