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Kai Taylor

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Award-winning UK pornstar Kai Taylor knows everything there is to know about wood. This tall, muscular stud was working as a lumber salesman when porn director Ben Dover walked into his office to buy some materials. Kai recognized him and asked if Ben might be interested in featuring Kai's wood in one of his future films, and the rest is history. Since 2011, Kai has been appearing in adult films throughout the UK, Europe, and the US and he's earned three AVN award nominations. As you'd expect from his past in the construction industry, Kai is very good with his hands! But it's Kai's massive, always-hard cock that has earned him so much acclaim in the porn biz. This tall, dark, and handsome Brit is popular with the starlets as well, since his muscular physique makes it easy for him to deliver a good hard fucking! A seasoned industry veteran, Kai has a video blog and podcast where he answers all his fans' burning questions about the porn biz, and he's become as famous for his genuine, tell-it-like-it-is personality as for his huge dick. Check out Kai's scenes on Reality Kings to see why he always has good wood.

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