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Kaitlyn Laken

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Busty Brit Kaitlyn Laken is one milf we wouldn't mind welcoming us home with open arms and spread legs every night. If her barbell adorned nipples are any indication, we're pretty sure that the kinky platinum blonde keeps it hot for her man in the sack; no boring nights with this wifey. And she's not just a beauty, she's brains too. The curvy pornstar is also an entrepreneur who created a line of pheromone scented lingerie that have turned into a massive success. And the scent that is most popular - The Kailyn Laken Sweet V Scent, of course. It has just a hint of her own scent, which is obviously to die for. Whether she's baking cookies, whipping up a new hot scent in the lab, or just hanging around the house horny she always looks fine as hell and ready to fuck. Check her out, we think you'll agree.

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