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Kali West

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bangbros pornstar Kali West BangBros Kali West
Kali West is an up and comer who has the necessary physical attributes to be initiated into the big tits and round ass society. She has real tits, but not only are they real, they are fabulous big tits. And her ass is worthy of mention as well because she is an official member of the BTRA society not solely based on big tits, but based on a round ass as well. Kali has pretty eyes that are featured as part of an all American face that is beautiful. She has a tattoo on her lower back. In addition to a list of admirable qualities, Kali is very photogenic, and her full body shots are powerful because she is voluptuous. Kali has a body that demands attention. Through out the net, she is featured on a variety of boob fetish sites. Kali performs: interracial, boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-girl-girl, boy-boy-girl, oral, oral pops, and swallow scenes. In 2007, Kali made her debut on a boob fetish site, and since then her tits have been a pleasure to porn lovers everywhere.
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kali west is an american porn star with great boobs and energetic aptitude toward the biz.

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