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Pornstar Kapri Styles

Kapri Styles has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Capri Stlyes, KaprisStyles, Kapri Stiles, Kapri Style

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bangbros pornstar Kapri Styles BangBros Kapri Styles Kapri Styles was born on November 27, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. At 5í7, 123lbs, her measurements are 34A-19-36. She has tattoos of Chinese characters on the center of each butt cheek, and one of the left arm on the inside directly below the elbow. In 2005 she entered the industry, and since then she has amassed a whopping 93 titles. Her filmography is replete with ass fetish scenes, and she has also performed in interracial scenes. Kapriís aliases are Capre,Capri Styles,Capri. Kapri is a slim girl, but she has a nice compact bubble butt. Her ass is bubbly as hell and it jiggles when she is riding cock. Kapri listens to Hip-Hop, and her favorite movies are The Five Heart Beats, Paid in Full, and Scarface. Her favorite TV shows are The Prince of Bel-Air, Law and Order, and Will and Grace. For those seeking love from this porn star, she is already taken.
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