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Kasey Warner

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Having always known she was born to perform, Kasey Warner admits she was a hardcore theatre nerd in school. Apparently, the only chicks freakier than band geeks are theatre geeks! Though she'd originally envisioned a career on stage, this sex-crazed cutie soon realized that she was much more intrigued by a different kind of performance and left college to become a porn star. And while she may not look like your typical erotic starlet, Kasey's sweet smirk, adorably freckled face, and girl-next-door appeal are exactly why she's already won the hearts of so many loyal fans. Plus, her small perky tits, plump round booty, and delicious little muff definitely don't hurt! To keep her long lean body fuckably fit, Miss Warner follows a strict vegan diet and gets as much sexercise as she can. And when she's not playing rough on porn sets, this horny hottie can be found religiously watching Seth Rogen's movies. She even named her favorite sex toy after him; now that's one lucky guy! So while she may not be known more for her cock-handling skills than her sense of humor, Kasey Warner's destined to be quite the movie star herself, so don't miss her frisky sex tapes right here!

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