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Kendall Kross

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Kendall Kross has appeared in
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When it comes to sex, Kendall Kross likes to get right to the point. Although this quiet blonde teen knows just how to tease a guy with quick glimpses of her smoking-hot body and tantalizing grinding, she isn't much for foreplay, preferring the direct approach: when Kendall gets a mischievous smile on her beautiful face and says, "Let's do dirty stuff," this determined babe means right this second! Once she gets sex on the brain, it won't be long before this single-minded beauty is on her knees with a cock in her mouth, and she doesn't even spare a thought to whether anyone might be watching! When she says "I wanna fuck" and strips to reveal her gorgeous natural breasts and perfect ass, this relentless cutie won't stop until she gets the dick she craves! Kendall may normally be the quiet type, but fucking brings out her talkative side, and this super horny stunner has a very dirty mouth. Watch Kendall's Reality Kings debut now to see her zealous devotion to getting dirty.

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