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Kristen Scott

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If you're a fan of the hot stepdaughter trend, you already know the name of one of the cutest teens in the biz: Kristen Scott. This sweet and adorable cutie has been taking the adult industry by storm with her lean, petite body, all-natural beauty, and taste for all things sexual! Everybody's favorite stepdaughter says that she's always been drawn to the more taboo side of sex, explaining, "It turns me on when I do something that's considered 'wrong' by so many. What can I say, I like being a bad girl sometimes!" A self-described pansexual nympho, Kristen is just as happy to explore her limits with a slutty stepmom as with a silver fox stepdad. Her open-minded nature would be hot enough, but Kristen is also one of the most dynamic and passionate starlets in the industry, giving every scene the fiery intensity that brings fans back again and again to watch Kristen cum hard over and over! It's no wonder that Kristen has become one of the industry's fastest-rising stars, earning award nominations and thousands of fans who can't wait to follow her every erotic adventure. See what taboo Kristen will flirt with today in the scenes below.

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