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Lana Belle

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At age 29, Hungarian brunette Lana Belle had a life that she loved, a good job as a retail sales advisor, and great friends. With Lana's long dark hair, athletic body, and perfect tits, she also had no trouble finding a guy to take home from the nightclub whenever she felt horny! But when one of Lana's friends told her, "If you like sex so much, you should try porn," this free-spirited babe thought, "You're right!" Lana went right out and started looking for her first adult film gig. This fun-loving Hungarian laughs that she never does anything unless she enjoys it, and luckily for porn aficionados, there's nothing Lana enjoys more than a great fuck! Whether she's having rough sex one-on-one with a tattooed, tanned bad boy, or partaking of a six-person orgy at a party, Lana loves trying new things and is always the first to get naked and go wild! That's why this experienced babe laughs that she wasn't nervous at all before her adult film debut, just totally excited! Watch Lana continue her erotic adventures now.

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