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Pornstar Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle has porn videos on:

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Also Known as: Lexy Bell, LexiBell, Lexie Belle

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bangbros pornstar Lexi Belle BangBros Lexi Belle Lexi Belle was born in Independence, Louisiana. At 5'3, 105lbs, her breast size is 32C. She has a tattoo of an orange flower between her shoulder blades. In 2006 she entered the industry, and since the she has amassed, 86 titles and counting. Her filmography includes traditional hardcore, interracial, facial, lesbian, and blowjob only scenes. Hustler Video, and Penthouse are some of the major studios she has worked for. Lexi's favorite part of being in the industry are the girls, and her favorite girl to work with is Hlolly West, because she has big tits. In Lexi's first scene she was nervous but she had fun. To relax, Lexi hangs out with friends and family, and she likes to go to raves. To her fans " I love you all, you dirty fucking perverts." Three months after graduating high school, Lexi joined the industry, and being a pornstar has opened her up. Admittedly, Lexi lost a lot of friends, but she said she "gained" a lot more. As a very giggly person, it takes a lot to get her mad.
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