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Mary Jean

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If your stylist was busty Latina Mary Jean, you'd get a haircut every day! This voluptuous Dominican stunner graduated from a top cosmetology school before moonlighting as an exotic dancer and finally finding her way to the adult industry as a nude model and porn performer. Mary Jean couldn't choose between her love of cutting hair and her love of dick... so she didn't! This babe opened her own salon back home in New York, and travels back and forth to LA and Miami to shoot. "I love what I do so I’m going to continue to do both. There’s enough hours in the day to do it all." This badass businesswoman must never sleep! Porn fans lucky enough to visit Mary's hair salon don't just have the treat of a close-up view of her 32DD tits and stunning big ass, they can also boast that one of the industry's most stunning starlets ran her fingers through their hair! If you can't travel to NYC for the best haircut of your life, make an appointment with Mary Jean to watch her blowout scenes now.

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