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Pornstar Megan Monroe

Megan Monroe has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Meghan Monroe, Meagan Monroe

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bangbros pornstar Megan Monroe BangBros Megan Monroe Megan Monroe is a beautiful blond standing tall at 5’2. She has a tattoo of cherries on her right shoulder, one on her left shoulder blade, and one on her back. In 2007 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed, over 40 performer credits, which includes scenes for Penthouse, and us here at Bangbros.com. She has performed interracial, creampie, masturbation, and lesbian scenes. Megan has an awesome body with ripped abs, a firm ass and a nice pair tits. As a very active porn star in a relatively short period Megan has managed to rack up an impressive number of shoots, and that is not bad at all for a newcomer. She is a perfect example of a newcomer with veteran sexual prowess. Megan has two dogs who she considers her kids, but she definitely does not want real kids. Megan loves the good life, and she is all about making money; any guy who is trying to hook up with her, has to be a go getter. Besides money, what Megan loves most of all is sex.
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