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Nadine Sage

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Renaissance woman Nadine Sage's talents are broad and far-ranging, but her strongest skills are definitely in the subject of sex. A true lover of knowledge, Nadine has spent more time studying the erotic arts than all her other interests combined, and she has a lot of them! Nadine is an avid reader and traveler, an artist and writer, and a devotee of nature who frequently makes time to hike and camp in the wilderness. She's also had a lifelong interest in healing which propelled her to become a licensed massage therapist. But out of all Nadine's varied interests, the one that keeps her coming back again and again is fornication, because she loves to keep cumming again and again! A fan of bondage and rough sex, Nadine decided to devote herself to the pursuit of pleasure by joining the adult industry, where she quickly became known for her incredible curves, adorable bush, and cheerful love of fucking. Watch Nadine's videos now to see why this bisexual beauty is far more than just a pretty face.

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