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Olivia Lua

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If sex were a restaurant, the always-hungry Olivia Lua would skip ordering off the menu and head straight to the buffet! This tall Amazon has wide-ranging tastes for all things erotic, whether romantic, rough, or kinky! She's never been picky when it comes to gender, either: Olivia fancies both men and women, especially when she can enjoy both at the same time. This saucy babe says one of her all-time favorite dishes is a boy-girl-girl threesome, calling it "The best of both worlds!" Olivia has always known her appetite for sex is extremely high, and she loves to indulge every one of her cravings. That's why the adult industry has been paradise for Olivia, giving her the opportunity to sample every mouthwatering act she can imagine! Best of all, Olivia never says she's had enough. The more dirty delights she devours, the hungrier she gets for more! Watch this carnal connoisseur fill her plate with titillating tidbits now!

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