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Paige Starr

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Paige Starr is a beautiful classic blond, with an all American appeal. She has long hair, a pretty face that encompasses sensuous eyes, and beautiful high cheek bones. Her smile is warm and inviting indicating a friendly character. Paige entered the industry to gain an experience contrary to the norm. She wanted to travel and meet hot guys. By her own admission she masturbates everyday, and she truly enjoys it. Paige has and amazing body that features, a round ass, nice perky tits and toned curves. A tattoo on her right shoulder blade, a piercing on her navel, and tongue is the extent of her body art, and Paige has a pretty pussy. Her blowjobs are sensual, deep, but most of all mesmerizing; she licks balls as she uses a lot of spit. Paige's wonderfully plump ass looks great in the doggy position. A vocal performer, Paige has an intense moan that is really engaging. Paige is a great performer who knows how to grind, and we hope to see more of her.
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