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Penny Flame

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Penny Flame was born in Aurora Colorado, but she was raised in Oakland, California. At 53, 112lbs her measurements are 36C-25-35. She has a tattoo in the middle of her back; she also has a navel piercing. She performs under the aliases Penny Lane, and Dolly. In 2002 she entered the industry, and since then she has amassed 271 performer credits, which includes, masturbation only, lesbian only, facial, interracial, and facial cum swap scenes. Adam & Eve, Hustler Video, and Sin City are some of the major studios she has performed for. Penny entered the industry because she did not have faith in the job market. Penny explains:

In the year of 2001, I was accepted to San Diego State University. Okay. Let's just leave it at that. I graduated High School with a 3.6 gpa and was stoked to actually be going to college. I got there, and the insanity unfolded. Living in the dorms was absolute hell, and the job options were wack, too little pay for the amount of work that was required. College requires a lot of attention. I couldn't spend all my time working at some fuckin pizza place, or a silly coffee shop. Everyday I went to class I would pick up the daily Aztec, the state newspaper, and read the back for job ops. Always ads with Internet work, +18, you get the drift. Then I'd walk back to my dorm where my roommate was rushing around, trying to get all her school work in before she went to work for peanuts at a retail store. I always admired her drive, and work ethics, but for fucks sake. I wanted to study, lay at the beach and study, and not have to worry about getting my work done and having money to spend. So one day, I took a picture taken of me from that summer, just my sweet little face, ha, and sent it in. That was that.
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