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Raven Wylde

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If Raven Wylde were a character in a movie, she'd be the geeky girl who takes off her glasses to reveal that she's secretly smoking hot. But this is real life, and it's no secret that this ebony babe is both nerdy and sexy as hell! A lifelong video game fan, Raven confesses that she's always fantasized about which of her favorite characters have the biggest dicks. This creative babe decided to combine her geekiness and love of sex by sewing sexy cosplay costumes and fucking in character! But even that wasn't enough to satisfy this exhibitionist spinner, so Raven packed up her costume collection and her sewing machine and moved from Ohio to Los Angeles, where she could make a career out of dressing up as a new character every day while getting the big cock she craves! Despite her tiny size, Raven has a huge sexual appetite, and this open-minded beauty says she wants to try everything. Her biggest fantasy? A certain green-clad plumber who gives great mustache rides and is an expert at laying pipe!

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