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Renna Ryann

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Since she was just a teen girl, Renna Ryann always thought porn was beautiful. Once grown up, no matter how hard the petite brunette tried, she just couldn’t work a regular job. Maybe she knew her wicked body and aberrant imagination were being wasted, or maybe her perverse sexual appetite was distracting her too much, but in 2007 she made the arguably unwise decision to find an industry agent using Craigslist. Thankfully it turned out to be an actual agent and not an online fraud (use a respectable agency, ladies). At age 19, she turned a lifelong dream into reality, doing her first porn shoot with none other than Reality Kings. The 5’1”, tanned Aquarius is fit, but soft enough that your fingers sink into her a smidgeon when you squeeze. In fact, she’s just right in many regards. If she had gold locks, she’d go eat porridge at the three bears’ house. Her tits are just the right size, her butt is just the right amount of plump, and her pussy is just the right amount of meaty. But where her looks are just right, her deviance is next level. Thanks to her shockingly hot bellybutton play, we’re hooked on another underappreciated fetish that doesn’t even break YouTube’s sexual content policy! Also known for awesome preggo and lactation work, Renna is not afraid to push the kinky envelope. She says her already excessive cravings were amplified while she was pregnant – wanting sex all the time and having crazy sex dreams when she wasn’t getting her fill. Speaking of which, we regularly dream about Renna but won’t ever get our fill!

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