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Rhylee Richards

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For us here at Bangbros, Rhylee Richardson is considered one of the hottest blonde beauties found on the internet right now. She was born in Miami, FL but raised in Boca Raton. Rhylee came to us at the age of 27, directly from the West Coast. Having already lived 6 years of her life in San Diego, California, she was ready for the next move.
Her first scene ever was for us here at Bangbros, . She said before she flew out, she kept herself busy by watching some of our production and became very pleased and impressed. Before joining the industry, Rhylee was an escort, and that opened many doors. While she was living in Boca, she kept in touch with her friends that lived in Miami, who were already high up in the game of escorting. She admits she quickly became very familiar with the whole adult industry and people in general. At that point in her life, Rhylee and her sister were already looking into stuff. She remembers always having it in her; always having sexual thoughts and looking in the mirror and thinking she was sexy. Rhylee, or Mrs. Richardson as she sometimes calls herself, definitely fits the decription of the perfect MILF. She has a beautiful body and very refined. We asked her what she does on her off time, and she says she secretly loves to country dance and hit the bars with her girlfriends, considers herself to be typically off the wall, and is down for whatever. Rhylee really likes to go out and have fun. She believes sex is a hot commodity, and it will always be around. At the end of the day, she is living the single life and enjoying every minute of it. We also asked her what her fantasy was and Rhylee answered “playing a lifeguard was the best ever; it is the perfect fit for a fantasy.”
Her best sexual experience she recalls was a time when she was with one of her friends, they got together and experienced with some role play. Something like Dominatrix, says it was definitely interesting, and was the most exciting experience ever. Rhylee says she sees herself making Porn in the next five years, so stick around, because you are bound to see more of her.
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