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Sarah Vandella

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bangbros pornstar Sarah Vandella BangBros Sarah Vandella
Sarah Vandella is a 24 year old New Yorker.She lives in Long Island, but she was originally born a Sagittarius in Hauppage,New York on Friday December 2,1983.
At 5'3 123lbs,her measurements are 36d-25-34. She is relatively new to the adult biz,but she new at an early age that she wanted to be in the adult movie business because of her love for sex.Performing straight,and lesbian sex scenes is currently what she is comfortable with.Also Sarah is comfortable performing solo scenes with toys.Planing her career carefully not to disappoint her fans is one of Sarah's goals,as she does not want to take on projects that her fans would not find appealing. Sarah likes to please, and it's important to her that her fans like her work."I love sex",says Sarah.
Her favorite part of the female body is the ass.Sarah loves asses,and facial lips come in second as her favorite female body part.Sarah admits,her first scene was below mediocre,but she believes that she has dramatically improved since then. Time on and off the camera are both valuable to Sarah because she believes in a balance of work and play to relieve the pressure of constantly chasing after money.Sarah enjoys hanging out with her mom,practicing yoga, and drinking tea. Men who don't try to be too impressive are are sexy according to Sarah.Innocently,as she remembers her first kiss,she can recall how funny it felt because her friend Josh had braces.As articulate as can be,Sarah believes that there is an underlying dissatisfaction in people that causes society to continuously search for the ultimate.Although Sarah is a newcomer,she has appeared on a major adult websites on the Internet,and she is definitely rising star.
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