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Pornstar Savannah Stern

Savannah Stern has porn videos on:

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Also Known as: Savanah Stern, Savanna Stern

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bangbros pornstar Savannah Stern BangBros Savannah Stern Savannah Stern was born in Modesto, California of Native American descent. At 56 121lbs, her measurements are 32D-24-38 with real tits. She has 2 tattoos on her lower back in Japanese words; scorpion on her left foot, friendship dove on her right shoulder/neck. She has a nose and navel piercing to complete the body art. In 2005 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed 126 titles and counting which includes squirt, blow job only, facial bald creampie, interracial, lesbian only, and masturbation scenes. Adam & Eve, Evil Angel, and Vivid are some of the major studios she has worked for. Savannah admits, she was nervous for her first shoot. Having sex with a stranger in front of the camera was difficult for her. As time past she began performing routinely, and she grew comfortable in front of the camera. Savannah did not develop a love for girls until she began shooting porn. Although she likes girls, she is not really into blonds, but she will make an exception if the blond is hot.
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