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Pornstar Sindee Jennings

Sindee Jennings has porn videos on:

Also Known as: Cindee Jennings, Syndee Jennings, Cindy Jennings

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bangbros pornstar Sindee Jennings BangBros Sindee Jennings Sindee Jennings, AKA Sinde Clear, or Sin Dee Jennings was born a Cancer of Caucasian ancestry in Texas. At 52, 101lbs, her measurements are 34B-26-35. She has a navel piercing and a tribal tattoo on her back. In 2006 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed 133 titles, which include blowjob only facial swallow, facial, facial interracial, bald ass to mouth, and lesbian only scenes. Sin City, Hustler Video, and Evil Angel are some of the major studios she has worked for. Sindee has a tight body that looks great in a variety of positions, especially doggie. She looks good in whatever hair color, absolutely adorable.
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the following Bang Bros movies:

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